Welcome To Meadowsweet

Meadowsweet products are free of toxins & synthetic fragrances, a high quality range of therapeutic, natural bath and body care products that invigorate emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

In 1988 the first Meadowsweet shop was opened on Meadowsweet Herb Farm, in Champagne Valley in the foot hills of the Drakensberg mountains and tourists to the area were given guided tours on this unusual farm and spoken to about the importance of farming using ecological, economical and ethically social values. This was the birth of the Meadowsweet ethos, of walking our talk with regards to uplifting and IMPROVING the QUALITY of LIFE of everyone who comes into contact with Meadowsweet; from the soil, the plants, the animals and the people working and living on the farm, to everyone who visits or uses Meadowsweet products.

With increased research and product development over the years, Meadowsweet’s product range has evolved to include a wide variety of revitalizing body scrubs, soothing bath salts, refreshing spritzers, nourishing body butters, handmade soaps, essential oils, hand and body lotions, bath milks, massage oils, sore muscle soak and even a soothing pillow for babies.

All Meadowsweet products are made lovingly, to enhance our quality of life, health and well being.

At Meadowsweet we do everything we can to be ecologically sound and look after & improve our present & future natural world for our children & grandchildren. We do not test our products and ingredients on animals.

All Meadowsweet cream bases are made from scratch with the best possible ingredients that we can find. We also do extensive research in the subtleties of how the ingredients work together as a team to reach a specific therapeutic result.

We have done extensive research on our products & packaging and strive to get better all the time. At present we package our soaps in Corn Starch Plastic bags, and the next step will be to source recycled paper for our labels.

Meadowsweet’s ethos is centered on Truth, Beauty & Goodness in all areas of our lives.  

At Meadowsweet we believe in the goodness of life and live our lives with a sense of humour, honesty and integrity.

For detailed history and interesting facts, please refer ‘About us’.